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9 & 10th NA

Mar. 1973 ~ Oct. 1980

Closed the General Affairs Bureau and the Construction Bureau.
Merged the Committee Affairs Bureau into the Proceedings Bureau to form four divisions: the Proceedings Division, the Bills Division, the Stenography Division and the Documents Compilation Division.
Established the Management and Maintenance Bureau (with the Management and Construction Division, the Accounting Division and the Security Division).
Established the Protocol Division under the Liaison Bureau.
Established the Training Affairs Center.

8th NA

Jul. 1971 ~ Oct. 1972

7th NA

Jul. 1967 ~ Jun. 1971

Established the Construction Bureau (with the Planning
and Materials Division, the Construction Division and
the Facilities Division).

6th NA

Dec. 1963 ~ Jun. 1967

Established the Liaison Office (with the Protocol
and Public Information Division, and the International
Affairs Division).

5th NA

Jul. 1960 ~ May 1961

Established the General Affairs Bureau, the Proceedings
Bureau and the Legislative Research Bureau in the Upper House.

4th NA

May 1958 ~ Jul. 1960

Established the Division for National Assembly Building Construction under the General Affairs Bureau.

3rd NA

May 1954 ~ May 1958

Promoted the reading room to the National Assembly Library.
Established the Legislative Research Division under the Legislative Research Bureau.

2nd NA

May 1948 ~ May 1950

Opened a reading room.

Constituent Assembly

May 1948 ~ 1950 May

Organized the Secretariat with seven divisions and one office in three bureaus:
the General Affairs Bureau (the General Affairs division, the Welfare Division, the Financial Affairs Division),
the Proceedings Bureau (the Proceedings Division, the Stenography Division, the Security Division), and the Legislative Research Bureau (the Committee Affairs Division, the Office of Committee Staff Directors).

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