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The Secretariat assists Assembly members in motioning bills according to the following process.


A member files the application form for a bill motion to
the Legislative Counsel Office (LCO).

2Bill Drafting

The LCO analyzes the purpose and contents of the
bill, and examine relevant legislative policies and drafting skills.
They also consult relevant government agencies, interested circles
and experts before drafting the bill.

When the preliminary draft is done, they revise it according
to the bill drafting standards, taking into account the object
of the proposition, relations with existing statutes,
the legality and wording.

3Transfer of the bill

The bill is transferred to the member.

Application by a member for bill drafting -> Application filed to LRPC/LCO -> Examination of relevant information -> Preparation of preliminary draft -> Consultation with outside experts -> Review by Legislative Counsel Officers -> Review by heads of divisions, Legislation Counsels, Director General of LCO -> Transfer of bill to the member

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