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Emblem & Logo

The National Assembly has two symbols - an emblem and a logo

  • The National Assembly, the legislative body of Korea, has two symbols — an emblem and a logo — that it uses to connect with the Korean people and maintain its legitimacy and credibility.
  • The emblem contains two letters (meaning “National Assembly” in Korean) inside a shape of the national flower mugunghwa, or rose of Sharon. The emblem appears on the National Assembly’s flag, as well as on lawmakers’ badges and business cards.
  • The logo is meant to symbolize coexistence and communication with the architectural beauty of the National Assembly’s main building. It is widely used in various publications and on staff business cards, envelopes, and other official materials.

Assembly Identity

국회상징 CI

Official symbol of the National Assembly
Dignity and stature
National Assembly as a trusted legislative body

국회커뮤니케이션마크 CI

Communication with the people
National Assembly that stands by the people

How to use the National Assembly symbols

국회상징 CI

The emblem has been changed to embody the National Assembly’s new image in a new era, while maintaining the original shape used in the parliament’s flag and the members’ badge. The font used in the two letters (which means ‘National Assembly’ in Korean), within the mugunghwa national flower, conveys the dignity and credibility of the National Assembly. The circle inside the flower, previously a rectangle, symbolizes the nature of parliamentary democracy to draw one conclusion from diverse public opinions through dialogue and compromise. The flower’s shape has also been changed to feature rounded petals, not sharp ones, to highlight the image of a National Assembly that communicates with the people.

국회상징 CI색상(자색)
The background color of the emblem is a medium-dark shade of red that represents the vitality of the sun. It symbolizes a National Assembly that approaches the public and listens carefully to their opinions.

Pantone 188C CMYK 0-100-80-65 RGB 88-0-9

국회상징 CI색상(금색)
The gold color of the two letters and the national flower represents honor and nobility, symbolizing the authority of the National Assembly as a representative body of the Korean people.

Pantone 465C CMYK 10-25-65-10 RGB 207-165-71

국회상징 CI색상(황색)
The medium-dark shade of brown in the flower’s petals symbolizes the history of the Korean people, built upon red-clay soil, and the National Assembly that enriches people’s lives through fair politics. The red-clay color is used only in the flat logo design to distinguish the shape of the flower.

Pantone 146C CMYK 7-45-90-30 RGB 168-105-19

국회상징 CI색상(하늘색)
The background color of the flag represents the image of a trusted National Assembly and fair politics.

Pantone 287C CMYK 100-70-0-12 RGB 12-43-128

국회커뮤니케이션마크 CI

The logo was designed with the image of the National Assembly’s main building. The two curves of the dome on the top represent one conclusion drawn after debate, coexistence and cooperation between parties, and national unification. The building’s pillars show the National Assembly’s stature as the legislative body of Korea and its political beliefs, and the stable form delivers an image of a trusted National Assembly.

국회커뮤니케이션마크 색상(청색)
The blue color represents the image of a trusted National Assembly and steady and fair political beliefs, conveying stature and representativeness.

Pantone 287C CMYK 100-70-0-12 RGB 12-43-128

국회커뮤니케이션마크 색상(밝은 청색)
The light blue color symbolizes the intelligence and hope of the National Assembly.

Pantone 284C CMYK 65-20-0-0 RGB 91-155-199

국회커뮤니케이션마크 색상(녹색)
The green color represents peaceful and stable politics, and the openness of the National Assembly that stands by the people.

Pantone 7472C CMYK 70-0-35-0 RGB 76-182-153

국회커뮤니케이션마크 색상(회색)
The grey color symbolizes stability and neutrality, denoting an impartial National Assembly.

Pantone Cool Gray 10C CMYK 10-0-0-65 RGB 80-85-87

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