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Past Assembly Buildings

History of the National Assembly building

  • On May 31, 1948, the Constituent Assembly opened at the conference room of the former City Hall in Seoul. After the Korean War broke out, the Assembly held sessions in provisional chambers, moving around southern cities such as Daegu and Busan. Having repaired the annex building to Citizens’ Hall in Seoul, the third National Assembly began using it as the assembly hall, but its limited space and poor facilities caused considerable inconvenience.
  • In 1959, during the term of the fourth Assembly, Mt. Nam in Seoul was designated as the site for a new National Assembly building and the designing and ground leveling commenced. In the wake of the military coup on May 16, 1961, however, the construction was halted. After the opening of the sixth National Assembly, the issue of constructing a new building was brought to the surface again.
  • The construction of a new National Assembly building was embarked on in earnest with a site of over 330,000 square meters secured in Yeouido, Seoul. With a plan to make a new parliamentary building which would be adequate for Assemblies after national reunification in the future, the construction began on July 17, 1969, the 21st Constitution Day. After six years, the main building was completed on August 15, 1975 and officially dedicated on September 2, its total floor area over 81,000 square meters.
Opening Ceremony of the Constituent Assembly, Assembly Hall of the Constiuent Assembly, Annex to Citizens'Hall, National Assembly building in Yeouido, Opening of the 9th National Assembly, Plenary Chamber
NA Building in the past
  Location Sessions remarks
Constituent Assembly former City Hall
(Jongno-gu, Seoul)
1st (May 31, 1948~)
7th (Jun. 27, 1950~)
2nd NA Cultural Theater
8th (Jul. 27, 1950~)
8th (~Aug. 17, 1950)
in the Korean War
Cultural Theater
8th (Sep. 1, 1950~)
8th (~Oct. 6, 1950)
Former City Hall
(Jongno-gu, Seoul)
8th (Oct. 7, 1950~)
8th (~Nov. 26, 1950)
Annex to Citizens’ Hall
(Jung-gu, Seoul)
9th ( Dec. 8, 1950~)
10th (~Jan. 3, 1951)
Busan Theater
10th (Jan. 4, 1951~)
11th (~Jun. 11, 1951)
Gyeongnam Provincial
11th (Jun. 27, 1951~)
16th (~returning to the
capital in 1953)
Lower House building since
the 13th session
(in the Korean War)
Former City Hall
(Jongno-gu, Seoul)
16th (Sep. 21, 1953~)
18th (~May 30, 1954)
Lower House building
3rd-5th NA Annex to Citizens’ Hall
(Jung-gu, Seoul)
19th (Jun. 9, 1954~)
38th (~May 16, 1961)
Lower House building
5th NA Korea Information Service Building
(Jung-gu, Seoul)
36th (Aug. 8, 1960~)
37th (~Dec. 22, 1960)
former Navy Headquarters
(Jung-gu, Seoul)
37th (Dec. 23, 1960~)
38th (~May 16, 1961)
6th-9th NA Annex to Citizens’ Hall
(Jung-gu, Seoul)
39th (Dec. 1, 1963~)
93th (~Apr. 9, 1975)
9th- Present NA The National Assembly Building
(Yeouido, Seoul)
94th (Sep. 22, 1975~present) current building
(completed on Aug. 15, 1975)