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Message from the Speaker




Today, the Republic of Korea stands on the cusp of becoming an economic and cultural powerhouse at the forefront of innovation. From a historical perspective, this moment is a critical turning point for the country.

Will we be able to advance boldly beyond the threshold? Or will we miss out on a golden opportunity? Many days from now, history will note and record the actions that we take at this moment.

With your assistance, I, as the Speaker, will fulfill the historical calling bestowed upon the National Assembly. During the second half of its term, I will strive to make the National Assembly an institution that inspires new hope.

First, I will ensure that the National Assembly becomes a legislature where dialogue and compromise bloom. I am committed to making the National Assembly a hall for the people’s voices, where communication flourishes, and rational discussion and genuine compromise become a daily routine. To that end, I will institutionalize the Public Issues Coordination Council, which is based on the German parliamentary model. This will pave a new pathway by which the National Assembly speaker, floor leaders of negotiating groups, committee chairpersons and vice chairpersons, and government officials can put their heads together and engage in dialogue.

Second, the National Assembly will faithfully uphold the principle of separation of powers. The National Assembly is the cradle of legislation addressing people’s livelihoods, enacted for the good of the people. As Speaker, I will firmly abide by my duty of political neutrality. However, I will not hesitate to execute my authority to defend the democratic principle of separation of powers. The National Assembly should be an institution that respects and considers the minority while following the principle of majority vote. As the saying goes, ‘Lush pine trees make nut pine trees jubilant (松茂柏悅)’ - the ruling and opposition must become good friends. Let us create a win-win legislature comparable to a vibrant forest filled with diverse species.

Third, let us ensure that the National Assembly fulfills its role as a constitutional institution. To achieve this goal, I intend to significantly strengthen the National Assembly’s rights in budget deliberation and voting, as stipulated in the Constitution. The budget deliberation process will be improved so that the government can make preliminary reports to the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts and relevant standing committees at every stage of the budget drafting process. This will allow us to ensure that the taxes paid by the people are used wisely, and where needed.

Furthermore, I intend to vigorously support parliamentary diplomatic activities in pursuit of national interests and to promote the Legislative Request and Petition Center to serve the Korean people.

Thank you.