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Parliamentary Groups

Parliamentary Groups or Negotiating Parties

  • Any political party having at least 20 members in the National Assembly shall organize a negotiating party.
  • A group comprising at least 20 members, none of whom belong to other negotiating parties, may organize a separate negotiating party.
Purposes and Roles
  • The purpose of organizing a negotiating party is to provide for a negotiating channel among members of different political parties or groups, thus facilitating parliamentary proceedings by working in advance to collect and refine agenda items from members belonging to political parties or floor groups.
  • The ratio of total members belonging to a negotiating party shall be the basis for determining the number of speakers at the Plenary Session and the appointment of members to a Standing Committee or Special Committee.
Representative Member
  • The floor leader of each political party shall be the representative of a negotiating group, which shall differ from the representative or chairperson of a political party.
  • Each representative of a negotiating party shall become a member of the House Steering Committee and a member of the Intelligence Committee.

Number of Seats by Negotiating Party

Number of Seats by negotiation Group
Negotiating/Political Party Constituency Member Proportional Representation Member Sum Ratio(%)