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Election of Members

  • Anyone aged 19 years or older has the right to vote in an election of the National Assembly, and anyone aged 25 years or older is eligible to stand for election.
  • All members serve a four-year term.
  • The Assembly is composed of 300 members, of which 253 are elected by a plurality of votes from electoral districts and 47 via a proportional representation system whereby seats are distributed to parties based on the percentage of total votes they garnered.

Privileges of Members

Members’ Privilege from Arrest
  • No member shall be arrested or detained without the consent of the National Assembly when the National Assembly is in session.
  • A member arrested or detained prior to a session shall be released during the session at the request of the National Assembly, except in the case of flagrante delicto.
Members’ Privilege from Liability
  • A member shall be exempted from liability for speeches or votes related to his/her duties in the National Assembly.

Duties of Members

Members’ Duties prescribed in the Constitution
  • A member may not concurrently hold any other office prescribed by law; shall have the duty of integrity; shall give priority to national interests, and shall not abuse his/her office.
Members’ Duties prescribed in the National Assembly Act
  • A member shall maintain proper dignity as a National Assembly member; shall attend the Plenary Session and committee meetings; and shall comply with legislation and regulations regarding the proceedings.