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Speaker meets with former Mongolian President

  • Jul 14, 2023
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Speaker meets with former Mongolian President 관련사진 1 보기

Speaker Kim Jin-pyo meets with former Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

- Speaker Kim considers cooperation important with Mongolia, a strategic partner to Korea and a key ally in its Indo-Pacific strategy
- Speaker Kim expresses hopes for bilateral cooperation on supply chains, noting Mongolia’s abundant mineral resources and Korea’s manufacturing strength
- Former President Elbegdorj mentions the amicable Korea-Mongolia relations that help enhance regional security, while calling upon Korea to join the movement to abolish the death penalty

National Assembly speaker of the Republic of Korea Kim Jin-pyo met on May 26 with former Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj to discuss activities of the International Commission against the Death Penalty (ICDP). Elbegdorj, called a “freedom fighter” by his supporters, was a key leader of the Mongolian Revolution of 1990. He served two terms as Prime Minister, in 1988 and in 2004-2006, and two terms as President from 2009 to 2017. He became commissioner of the ICDP in 2018.

Speaker Kim said, “The Republic of Korea and Mongolia have forged a strategic partnership thanks to President Elbegdorj’s efforts to seek an upgraded bilateral relationship by hosting three summit meetings during his incumbency.” He noted that the two countries have formed strong bonds based on cultural and linguistic similarities, adding that “Korea places high value on cooperation with Mongolia, a strategic partner and key ally in its Indo-Pacific strategy that considers shared values such as democracy, human rights, and freedom.”

Kim then cited Busan, a sister city to Ulaanbaatar that is home to many Mongolians, and expressed his gratitude to the Mongolian government’s support for Busan’s bid to host the World Expo 2030. He raised expectations for the international event by saying, “World Expo 2030, if held in Busan, will have a positive effect on personnel exchange and economic cooperation between our two nations.”

Speaker Kim also mentioned Mongolia’s abundant mineral resources, such as rare-earth elements, and Korea’s manufacturing expertise while expressing hopes for “expanded bilateral cooperation on the establishment of stable supply chains in the fields of trade and the economy; mining and resources; and tourism and personnel exchange.”

Elbegdorj responded affirmatively, noting that the amicable relationship between Korea and Mongolia plays an important role in enhancing regional security. He expressed thanks for Korea’s support for Mongolia, the only country to democratize in the 1990s while sharing a border with Russia and China.

The former president also described progress in abolishing the country’s death penalty and ICDP activities and called on Korea to join the movement through legislation as the country has not endorsed capital punishment since 1997.

In response, Speaker Kim agreed with the shared value of respect for human life. He expressed respect for Elbegdorj’s efforts to defend human rights after his retirement, while explaining the status of Korea’s legislation on death penalty and the pros and cons.

Attendees at the meeting included Executive Director of the ICDP Rajiv Narayan from the ICDP side, and Chief of Staff to the Speaker Park Kyung-mee, Senior Secretary for Public Relations Ko Jae-hak, Ambassador Jeong Woon-jin, and Director General of the International Affairs and Protocol Bureau Hwang Seung-gi from the Korean side.
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