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Speaker attends Jeju Forum 2023, presides over luncheon

  • Jul 31, 2023
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Speaker attends Jeju Forum 2023, presides over luncheon 관련사진 2 보기


Speaker Kim Jin-pyo attends Jeju Forum
for Peace and Prosperity 2023 and presides over luncheon

- Speaker Kim underscores the need for higher-level cooperation between parliaments and companies to cope with 

   challenging global crises

- Speaker Kim encourages parliaments and business leaders of Korea and ASEAN to discuss and take proactive steps 

   toward a better future

- Democratic Party of Korea Floor Leader Park calls for ASEAN nations to unite in solidarity to usher peace to the Korean Peninsula 

   and throughout the bloc



The Republic of Korea’s National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo on June 1 welcomed political and business leaders attending the ASEAN-Korea Leaders Forum at the luncheon, the first special session of the National Assembly-led Jeju Form for Peace and Prosperity 2023. Lawmakers and business leaders from Korea and ASEAN countries discussed the roles of parliaments and businesses in ongoing high-profile issues such as stable supply chains and climate change.

“Korea and ASEAN established sectoral dialogue relations in 1989, and since then have developed a close relationship for 34 years. We now need to take our cooperation to the next level to cope with challenging global crises and achieve sustainable peace and prosperity,” Kim said during the luncheon meeting.

“The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea is ready to initiate parliamentary diplomacy to promote special cooperation with ASEAN countries and plans to focus more on achieving creative cooperation between businesses of the two regions in new technology sectors such as digital collaboration and electric vehicles,” Kim continued, expressing hopes of taking a step toward a better future from the forum.

In his congratulatory address, main opposition Democratic Party of Korea Floor Leader Park Kwang-on said, “Korea and ASEAN have been supportive to other based on their similar experiences over their long histories and thus will surely be able to build a closer friendship. Peace on the Korean Peninsula underlies peace across the ASEAN region, so I hope all of you will join the alliance to overcome conflict and bring peace and prosperity to the bloc.”

National Assembly member Kim Hack-yong, president of the Korea-Lao PDR Parliamentary Friendship Group, made a toast, saying “I hope this forum provides an opportunity to boost parliamentary exchanges and improve the relationship between Korea and ASEAN.”

National Assembly member Kim Tae-nyeon, president of the Korea-Vietnam Parliamentary Friendship Group and chairman of the Parliamentary Diplomacy Forum on ASEAN, also pledged all-out parliamentary efforts to bring shared prosperity to Korea and ASEAN in hopes of opening a new era starting at the forum. “Together, we [Korea and ASEAN] can create the miracle of turning a crisis into an opportunity and an impossibility into a possibility in the face of rapidly changing global conditions such as climate change and the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” he said.

Before the luncheon, Speaker Kim attended the opening ceremony of the Jeju Forum and delivered a congratulatory speech, in which he pledged that the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea would join the alliance to promote sustainable peace and prosperity.

“The National Assembly will share policies with parliamentarians during the ASEAN-Korea Leaders Forum as part of efforts to establish a public diplomacy platform for parliaments, governments and the private sectors of each nation, while fostering dialogue about better investment and business cooperation and exploring practical alternatives for bill and budget review,” he noted, underscoring that “The National Assembly’s participation this year will provide an opportunity to enable the forum fulfill its role as a venue for discussion on proposing and promoting practical policies.”

The luncheon meeting was attended by about 120 distinguished guests, including East Timor President Jose Ramos-Horta, ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) Secretary General Siti Rozaimeriyanty Dato Haji Abdul Rahman, Chairperson of the Philippines’ House committee Inter-Parliamentary Relations and Diplomacy Glona Labadlabad, and delegations of other ASEAN countries including Brunei, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam; former Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon; and Governor of Jeju Province Oh Young-hun.


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