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Speaker Kim meets with Kyrgyz Parliament Speaker Speaker Kim Jin-pyo meets with Kyrgyz Parliament Speaker Nurlanbek Shakiev

- Speaker Kim expresses hope for entry of more Korean businesses into Kyrgyz communications and energy sectors, and requests interest in resolving accounts receivable issue
- Speaker expects enhanced cooperation on tourism with the opening of direct flights to Kyrgyzstan, dubbed the ‘Alps of Central Asia’ for its magnificent natural environment
- Speaker Shakiev extends his appreciation for the National Assembly’s support for digitalization, which has fostered the development of democracy in Kyrgyzstan, saying the Miracle on the Han River sets an exemplary example for Kyrgyzstan

Speaker of the Republic of Korea’s National Assembly Kim Jin-pyo met on Feb. 23 with Speaker of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic Nurlanbek Shakiev at the National Assembly reception room, where they discussed pending bilateral issues including development cooperation projects and the North Korean nuclear issue.

Speaker Kim noted, “Kyrgyzstan, where democracy and a market economy have touched down securely, is a major cooperative partner for Korea’s diplomacy in Central Asia. This year marks the first year of the second, three-decade period since our two countries forged diplomatic ties in 1992, and I hope this visit will help further develop the relationship between the two nations.”

Speaker Shakiev said that Kyrgyzstan aims to model itself on Korea’s development model of the so-called Miracle on the Han River. He expressed gratitude for the Korean parliament’s support for digitalization projects that have helped develop democracy in Kyrgyzstan, while requesting Speaker Kim’s interest in and support for a bilateral summit, the opening of direct flights between Incheon and the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, development cooperation projects by the Korea International Cooperation Agency, and a simplified visa process.

In response, Kim pledged to deliver support at the National Assembly level, noting that “The scale of support is increasing and the fields of business are diversifying now that Kyrgyzstan has been selected, in 2021, as a priority partner country for Korean official development assistance (ODA) in the 2021-2025 period.”

Speaker Kim also expressed hopes for successful implementation of projects including KT’s fintech business, acquisition of a telecom company, and establishment of an advanced power metering system. He then requested his counterpart’s interest in addressing the issue of unpaid rental fees* for the Korea Trade Insurance Corp.

* The Korea Trade Insurance Corp. and a local medical device export firm supplied medical devices to the Kyrgyz National University in 1999 but has yet to be paid rental fees equivalent to about USD 29 million, including USD 11 million in principal. They have appealed to the Kyrgyz government for debt repayment.

Shakiev responded that Kyrgyzstan has made efforts to foster an investor-friendly environment and will do its utmost to ensure that related projects progress smoothly and the payment due is cleared.

On the North Korean nuclear issue, Speaker Kim said, “Kyrgyzstan has continuously cooperated with South Korea by issuing a statement condemning the North’s nuclear provocations whenever they happen, and joining the United Nations’ sanctions against the North.” He asked for the country’s sustained cooperation, noting: “The international community must be united in strongly condemning and firmly responding to the serious nuclear provocations by the North.”

Kim then requested Kyrgyzstan’s support for Busan’s bid to host the World Expo 2030, to which Shakiev pledged careful consideration would be given.

After the meeting, the two parliamentary leaders toured the National Assembly Plenary Chamber and then continued their discussions during the luncheon at the Sarangjae hall. Business leaders who joined the luncheon to discuss practical economic cooperation included President of the SK Supex Council Communication Committee Lee Hyung-hee, Head of KT’s Transformation Division Yoon Kyung-lim, Executive Vice President of K-water Park Pyung-rock, and Biosmart Co. Chairman and COO Park Hye-rin.

“Cooperation between the two nations has grown in the fields of business, overseas development assistance projects, and manpower exchange, amid signs of the launch of new [direct] flights,” Kim noted at the luncheon meeting. “We share the values of democracy and a market economy and a sense of closeness belonging to the same Altaic language family. Both of our parliaments need to provide support to further develop the relationship between Korea and Kyrgyzstan.”

Shakiev agreed on the enormous potential to expand cooperation and development.

From the Kyrgyz side, the meeting and luncheon attendees included Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Nurbek Sydygaliev; Kyrgyz Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Aida Ismailova; and Parliamentary members Akylbek Tumonbaev, Marlen Mamataliev, Zhanarbek Akaev, Sultanbai Aizhigitov, Aybek Altynbekov, Taalaibek Sarybashov, Alisher Erbaev, and Iskender Matraimov. From the Korean side, attendees included Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee Kim Tae-ho; Parliamentary members Seo Sam-seok, Lim Jong-seong, Jo Myung-hee, Choi Youn-suk, and Oh Gi-hyoung; Secretary General of the National Assembly Lee Kwang-jae; Chief of Staff to the Speaker Park Kyung-mee; Senior Secretary for Public Relations Ko Jae-hak; Ambassador Cho Koo-rae; and Director General of the International Affairs and Protocol Bureau Hwang Seung-gi.





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