The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea


Promotion Video Clip of Digital Chamber

# 0032
The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea is transforming into a more advanced digital parliament.

# 0043
Rotunda Hall, which symbolizes the sun, gives a special refinement to the National Assembly.

# 0052
The plenary chamber, an embodiment of state-of-the-art information technologies, is lit by 365 light bulbs representing the 365 days of the year.

# 0104
At the rear part of the chamber is a public gallery where ordinary citizens can watch the proceedings of the National Assembly.

# 0113
The name plate on the Speaker?? seat had been written in Chinese characters since the Constituent Assembly. It was changed to the Korean alphabet, Hangeul, on Hangeul Day, 2013, to promote the excellence of the Korean letters.

# 0131
The 3 monitors at the Speaker?? seat enable the Speaker to instantly check and conduct proceedings.

# 0148
In front of the main podium is the stenographers??station, where proceedings are recorded verbatim.

# 0202
Each Member?? seat has an electronic name plate.

# 0208
Each Member?? chair can be adjusted according to their needs to minimize fatigue from long sessions.

# 0219
The Members??lounge outside the plenary chamber provides a rest area where Members can have casual conversations.

# 0230
Each Member?? monitor is easily operated by touching the screen, and a password is required to gain access.

# 0247
Members can access bills and other documents for the order of the day by touching the screen.

# 0258
Bills and other documents are provided in an e-book format, which is the core aspect of our paperless plenary chamber. Members can easily turn pages, zoom in and out, check the table of contents, and search for detail contents.

# 0321
Important notices are posted on the bulletin board in real time.

# 0335
Members can exchange instant messages during sessions using their terminal devices.

# 0400
Members can access bills, past minutes and other necessary information via the National Assembly Information System.

# 0417
During sessions, Members can call for assistance by touching the Staff Call icon.

# 0436
For most bills on the agenda including legislative and budget bills, Members cast votes on their individual monitor, and the results are immediately displayed on the electronic boards at the front. A separate voting device with buttons is also available as a backup system.

# 0507
Secret ballots are also done by a touchscreen-based voting system.

# 0516
Simply by touching the screen, Members can vote quickly and precisely.

Outside the voting booths, you can see the counts of votes and voters.

# 0536
Members can adjust the height and direction of the podium to face government officials during interpellation sessions.

# 0557
The podium for government officials has a monitor connected to the electronic boards, which helps with the effective presentation of data and references.

# 0615
The two electronic boards at the front can display high-definition digital videos and various graphic materials.

# 0629
Staff in the video control room manage bills and other documents displayed on the Members??monitors, and control the electronic boards.

# 0643
With tradition and state-of-the-art technology being integrated into each other, the National Assembly strides towards a smart and advanced future.