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Any political party with 20 or more members in the National Assembly shall organize a negotiation group. And 20 or more members who do not belong to other negotiation groups may organize a separate negotiation group.

Purpose and Role

Representative Member of Negotiation Group

Usually, the floor leader of each political party shall become the representative of a negotiation group that shall be different from the representative or chairman of a political party. Each representative of a negotiation party shall become a member of the House Steering Committee and the Intelligence Committee.

Number of Seats by negotiation Group

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Number of Seats by negotiation Group
Negotiation Group Electoral District Proportional
Total Proportion(%)
Democratic Party of Korea 158 11 169 56.90%
People Power Party 84 19 103 34.68%
Non-negotiation Group 8 17 25 8.42%
Total 250 47 297 100%