Plenary Session

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Plenary Session

Basic Principles



Voting Method

Procedures for the Plenary Session

Procedures for the Plenary Session
Declaration of Opening of Session Quorum for Proceedings : one-fifth or more of registered members
Reporting Speaker : Responsible for reporting on important and necessary matters of the session
Reporter : Director General of Proceedings Bureau
Speech Five-Minute Free Speech

An application to give a speech shall be submitted to the Speaker, no later than 4 hours prior to the opening of the plenary session. The speech shall be given for 5 minutes or less, within one hour after the opening of the session.

Speech on Personal Matters

A written application for such a speech shall be submitted during the session, and shall be given for 5 minutes or less.

Speech on the Proceedings of the Session and Speech Refuting Another Assemblyman's Speech

Written applications for such speeches shall be submitted during the session. Speeches on proceedings shall be given for 5 minutes or less, and refuing speeches, for 3 minutes or less.
* A speech may be made during the opening of the session with the Speaker's permission.

Putting Bill on the Agenda Bill on the Agenda : Bills on today's agenda
Bills shall be placed on the agenda one by one according to the agenda order, and two or more bills may be placed at the same time when necessary.
Deliberation Report(Explanation of proposal) Deliberation Report

Chairperson of a competent committee, or a member acting on behalf of the Chairperson, reports on the bills deliberated by the committee.

Explanation of Proposal

The person who has proposed the bill shall explain the
points of the proposal.These bills include ones that have not been deliberated by a committee and ones that have been proposed by a committee.

Question/Debate A member who desires to submit an interpellation, or to debate an item on the agenda, shall notify the Speaker in advance, of his or her opposition or support thereof. The Speaker shall allow opponents and supporters to express their views in turn, and shall allow one of the opponents to express his or her view in preference over any supporter. The agenda items examined by the relevant committee may be resolved without interpellation or debate. When the Speaker participates in a debate, he or she shall leave the chair, and shall not take the chair again until the vote on the matter under debate is finished.
Voting Quorum for Resolution : The Assembly shall make decisions with the attendance of a majority of all the members and by the concurring vote of a majority of the members present.
Announcement of the voting results (Resolution) Declaration of Adjoumment