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Regular Session

Regular Session
Opening date September 1st of each year
Duration No more than 100 days
Major Activities
  • To confirm the budget bill for the next fiscal year
  • To work on legislative bills and other items
  • To conduct speeches by representatives of negotiating groups and an annual inspection of the state administration.

Extraordinary Session

Extraordinary Session
Opening date Upon the request of the President of the Republic or a quarter or more of all the members of the National Assembly
Duration No more than 30 days
Major Activities
  • To listen to the government's explanations of major current issues and discuss ways to address them
  • To work on legislative bills and other agenda items


Annual Schedule of the National Assembly

Right to Propose and Decide upon Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution

Amending the Constitution shall refer to making a change in the form or content of the Constitution by modifying or deleting a certain article or paragraph or by adding a new article or paragraph through lawful procedures as provided in the Constitution. The National Assembly shall exercise the right to propose or submit a resolution on an amendment to the Constitution, to increase the possibility of building consensus among the public on such amendment.

Procedure for amending the Constitution

Right to Enact and Amend Law

Since a law-governed country is run according to law, the most essential power of the National Assembly is to enact, amend, and abolish laws.

Right to Consent to the Conclusion and Ratification of Treaties