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What is the best resolution for viewing the National Assembly’s English website?
Your monitor resolution should be set to a minimum of 1024x768.
How can I open PDF files?
You can open PDF files in Acrobat Reader. Click on INFO, Download and then Site tools to download it.
What does the Recently Passed Bills section provide?
This section provides the list of newly enacted or amended laws, and for those particularly relevant to foreigners or Koreans residing abroad, the purpose and main points of the legislation or amendment are provided.
How can I download images of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea?
On the menu click on INFO and then click on Download.
How can I receive the National Assembly Newsletter by email?
The National Assembly’s English website publishes a monthly newsletter especially for foreigners and overseas Koreans. To subscribe, enter your email address in the subscription box located in the bottom right-handed corner of the main page and click on the GO button.