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I will realize the people’s National Assembly that opens up the nation’s tomorrow

My fellow Koreans,

I have taken on the office of National Assembly Speaker in the midst of grave times. I feel a strong sense of responsibility. As the National Assembly Speaker, I pledge to dedicate myself to making the country into one that deserves to be called a ‘country,’ and the National Assembly into one that deserves to be called a ‘National Assembly.’

The people of this nation have demonstrated great potential throughout its history. Each time we faced a crisis, we mustered our strength and wisdom to recover from it. While coping with the coronavirus pandemic, we impressed the world with our high level of civic awareness and democratic competence.

Now it is the National Assembly’s turn. When the National Assembly moves first to change, the way the public perceives it will change. The 21st Assembly has set the people and the national interest as its core principles. Only when the National Assembly changes can the lives of the people change.

The people are giving the 21st National Assembly clear orders: to realize a National Assembly that places top priority on the people’s livelihoods and opens up the country’s future; to completely end familiar yet undesirable practices and actualize the working National Assembly.

The 21st National Assembly has the obligation to follow these solemn orders from the people. We should be afraid of history and think only of the people. We should bear in mind the saying, ‘People’s National Assembly that Opens up the Nation’s Tomorrow’, using it as our inner compass.

The 21st National Assembly will protect the people.
We must safeguard people’s lives and livelihoods from the COVID-19 pandemic. The livelihoods of ordinary people are now under threat. We should bear the burdens pressing down on the people, lightening the weight upon their lives.

The 21st National Assembly will stand by the people.
We must operate ‘year-round’ sessions. In order for the people to feel safe and secure, the National Assembly should be holding sessions year-round, working day and night. Beyond the working Assembly, we also need to lay the foundation for a National Assembly that works ‘well.’

The 21st National Assembly will open up the people’s tomorrow.
A new turning point in the history of civilization is approaching. At least for the sake of survival in the coming era, significant innovation is required, to the extent of a national remodeling. We should be presenting viable visions for the country’s sustainable development. We will offer a national vision for a host of issues, such as solutions to the falling birth rate and the aging population, the widening income gap, and bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula.

The Republic of Korea was the first in the world to hold a nationwide election during the COVID-19 pandemic. The people of this country successfully defended parliamentary democracy in the middle of a crisis. The National Assembly will develop our democracy that the people safeguarded into a new global standard.

I promise to help realize the people’s National Assembly that opens up the country’s tomorrow, through fundamental innovation with which the people’s safety and livelihoods are secured, and visions for the future are set forth.

Thank you.

Speaker of the National Assembly Park Byeong-seug