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Allow me to express my cordial greetings to visitors from around the world.

I feel a deep sense of responsibility as I take on the role of speaker of the second half of the 20th National Assembly.

The parliament is a flower and the last bastion of democracy. When the National Assembly performs its duties vibrantly, so too, do our democracy and politics flourish. Like the saying, “One cannot survive without trust,” the National Assembly thrives when it wins the people’s trust, yet it stagnates when it loses the people’s trust. As the speaker of the National Assembly, I pledge to do my best to transform the National Assembly into a parliament that earns the public’s confidence.

I suggest that the National Assembly become a ‘National Assembly of harmony and unity, a National Assembly of competence, a National Assembly for the future.’

First, the 20th National Assembly will forge a parliament that befits the blueprint of the multiparty system that the people of this country drafted, which works on the basis of harmony and unity. We will build a National Assembly that fulfills its expected role through the ruling party’s concessions and the opposition parties’ cooperation.

Second, we will remain cognizant that the National Assembly’s primary duty is to legislate for reform and for the people’s livelihoods. Our goal must be ‘to become a competent National Assembly.’ We will demonstrate our ability through cooperation amidst competition, not through hostile confrontation, between the ruling and the opposition parties.

Third, we will build a National Assembly that prepares for the future of the Republic of Korea, devising solutions to the challenges in science, technology, and industry presented to us in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as to climate change, environmental pollution, and other critical issues relating to the survival of humankind.

The 20th National Assembly will commit itself to the people and their livelihoods, by initiating proactive legislation, not ex post facto laws, that advance national unification and the country’s future. As the speaker of the National Assembly, I will do my utmost to help all 300 Assembly Members bring their opinions together and act as one.

I ask for your interest and support so that we can usher in an era when cooperative governance and the people’s livelihoods flourish and can fully bloom.

Thank you very much.

국회의장 문희상 서명
Moon Hee-sang
National Assembly of the Republic of Korea